April 24-26
@Ponce City Market
2 Performances Each Day
Sound doesn't always have to be heard.
-Nick Cave
Up Right: Atlanta is a “call to arms, head and heart” for Cave initiates—the lead characters of this work. Through the performance, they are prepared mind, body and spirit to face the forces that stand in the way of self-hood, to enter a world over which they have complete control. Initiates become warriors of their own destiny. Cave is working with T. Lang, assistant professor of dance at Spelman College and artistic director of T. Lang Dance. 
There will be two performances each day.
They will be FREE and open to the public.
Friday4 and 7 pm
Saturday3 and 7 pm
Sunday12 and 3 pm

Keep in touch with Flux Projects to learn more about future performances
Photo by James Prinz Photography. Courtesy of the artitst and Jack Shainman Gallery, New York.