Our Supporters
Flux Projects would like to thank those who support our efforts to expand opportunities for artists and enrich daily life in Atlanta. These individuals, companies, and organizations are helping us to broaden the audience for the arts and to bring greater awareness to the richness and diversity of our city’s creative culture.
Supported in part by grants from the City of Atlanta Mayor’s office of Cultural Affairs and the National Endowment for the Arts.
Essential support also comes from our devoted group of donors:
Big Flux
The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundations's Audience Building Roundtable Initiative
Lucinda Bunnen
Louis Corrigan
Mark Sofge
Marni & Julian Mohr, Jr.
Pamola Powell & Guy Lascault
Flux Patriots
Elizabeth Clubb & Alan Keiter
Elisa & Adam Coker
Nick Corsello
John Gibson & John Bluhm
Bobbo Jetmundsen Foundation
Kristin & Nabil Hammam
Birgit & David McQueen
Brett Oliver
Meredith & Joshua Pechter
Amy Phuong
Susan Bridges
Flashpoint Artists Initiative
Georgia Repertory Theatre
The Warren M. Gump Fund
Elizabeth & George Noe
Sharon & Clark Tate
Ciji Tatum
Flux Friends
Hagan Architects, Inc.
Laurie Cronin
Park Krausen
Amy Miller
Opal Moore
Jane & Tom Oliver
Louise Shaw
Roy Sockwell
Spitfire Artworks
Marcia Wood
Additional Contributors & In-Kind Sponsors
Flux Projects has been fortunate to receive the support of a variety of businesses and individuals who have loaned locations for projects, donated services to these projects and artists, and given of their talents to ensure our success. A complete list of these can be viewed by project.