ATL Mysteries: The Disappearance of Eliot Wiley

by Anne Corbitt

October 12 - November 13

Pages of Creative Loafing and public spaces around Atlanta


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Over the coming weeks, a mystery will unfold across our city. A mystery that lurks around our landmarks, hides in our dark corners, orders a drink at our favorite bars. A mystery that we need your help to solve.

Starting October 12, a new chapter will be released every week day. With each chapter, you’ll find a tapestry of clues — some found in print, some online, and others tucked around the city, waiting to be discovered. These clues will chart your path to solving this mystery, but be forewarned: some clues will lead to dead ends and roundabouts. It’s Atlanta, so you should expect some detours.

Pay attention. Connect the dots. Follow every hunch.

One person will be the first to solve this mystery.

Will it be you?


Presented in collaboration with Creative Loafing and SOAP Goods Creative