Flux Projects’s mission is to commission public art that invites audiences in Atlanta to explore the city’s sites and stories as a means to imagining its future possibilities.


For 10 years Flux Projects has connected community through public art, expanded arts accessibility to diverse audiences, presented exceptional artists, and transformed the experience of public space in Atlanta for thousands of people. Founded in 2009, when Atlanta’s arts community was suffering from the recession, Flux Projects was created to bring opportunities to artists, broaden the audience for the arts, and make Atlanta a more creative city in which to live. Since our first project in 2010, Flux Projects has presented 133 projects engaging over 600 artists, all free and open to the public.

Our projects are spaces for transformation. They disrupt the everyday and inspire imagination, wonder, and awe. They support artists to take risks and grow their practices. They transform the places in which they are situated, creating communal spaces for people of all walks of life, and bringing a location’s past, present, and future into conversation in ways that open our eyes to new possibilities.

Flux Projects has developed a reputation for producing large-scaled, ambitious projects that raise the bar for the arts in Atlanta. In addition to public art projects and events, we present programming to support the development of a robust art scene that is widely recognized and central to the city’s identity.

With all we do our work is guided by four core principles:

  • We invest in Art for Art’s Sake, believing that art has the ability to open minds, spark innovation, foster empathy, and inspire humanity.
  • We create Transformative Experiences that help us transcend boundaries and find novel ways to experience our city and each other.
  • We serve as a Creative Glue that connects: people through shared experiences in public spaces, the arts community through collaborations, and Atlanta artists to new opportunities.
  • We Shape Atlanta and how it is viewed by letting artists tell its story and cultivate its identity locally and globally.


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Anne Archer Dennington
Floyd Hall
Floyd Hall
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Rebekka Kuntschik
Development Director

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Business Strategist

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RPM Living

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Mehr Creative

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U.S. Department of Justice

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Cochran Arts

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Ripple IT

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Sprout Social

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Concert Logic

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