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Elevate your Flux experience by joining our community of Flux Capacitators.

Enjoy experiential perks such as insider project updates, meeting artists, and member-only special events. All members receive the Inside Flux Projects newsletter + recognition on our website.

Tax deductible, your membership gift supports innovative, thought-provoking public art projects and programming that is free and open to all.

Explore our membership levels to find the one that’s right for you. Become a Flux Capacitator today!

General Memberships

Flux Friend                $25

  • Insider Project Updates
  • Recognition on our website

Flux Friend+                $50

All benefits of Flux Friend, plus:

  • Flux Swag

Explorer                $100

All benefits of Flux Friend+, plus:

  • Invitation to Coffee with Project Artists (2x)

Partner              $250

All benefits of Explorer, plus:

  • Invitation to a Reception pre/post Artist Talk (1x)

Collaborator               $500

All benefits of Partner, plus:

  • 2 Tickets to a Project VIP Party


Deepen your commitment to Flux Projects by joining our Circle of Luminaries. In appreciation, you will enjoy one-of-a kind experiences including: behind-the-scenes access, special conversations with artists and curators, previews, advance tickets, and intimate events celebrating our projects.

All Luminary levels include the following benefits:

  • Insider Project Updates
  • Prominent Recognition on the website
  • Flux Swag
  • Invitation to Coffee with Project Artists (2x)
  • Invitation to Reception pre/post Artist Talk (1x)
  • 2 Tickets to a Project VIP Party

Activator               $1,000

All above listed benefits, plus:

  • Invitation to the annual Luminaries Appreciation Party

Innovator               $2,500

All Activator member benefits, plus:

  • 2 additional tickets to a Project VIP Party (4 total)
  • Invitations to Rehearsals and/or Installations in Progress
  • Invitations to lunch/dinner with Visiting Artists/Curators

Leader               $5,000

All Innovator member benefits, plus:

  • Exclusive Invitations to artist-led studio visits for you and your guests (8 total)
  • Prominent recognition on project signage

Visionary               $10,000

All Leader member benefits, plus:

  • 2 additional tickets to a Project VIP Party (6 total)
  • Opportunity to request exclusive tour/preview of a Flux Project for you and 8 guests.

To mail your gift, please make checks payable to Flux Projects and send to:

Attn: Development Director
Flux Projects
400 Pryor Street, SW, #3346
Atlanta, GA 30302

Matching Gift

Did you know your employer may match your membership contribution? Many employers have matching gift programs that match contributions made by employees. Simply check with your employer’s Human Resources department to find out if your membership gift can be matched. It’s an easy way to double your contribution, increasing your support of Flux Projects!

Please note: Matching gifts typically cannot be used to upgrade your membership level. If your contribution to qualifies for a match, just send Flux Projects a completed matching gift form, and we will take care of the rest.

Gifts of Stock

Flux Projects also accepts gifts of stock, mutual funds and other appreciated securities.
An excellent way to support Flux Projects, while realizing important benefits for yourself, stock gifts can be transferred simply and electronically. Such gifts may provide a greater tax benefit (such as avoiding capital gains) than an equivalent gift in cash.


Please contact Anne Dennington, Executive Director | (404) 245-5853 | anne(at)

With your support Flux Projects is helping artists transform public space!

Flux Projects is supported in part by the City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs, the Fulton County Board of Commissioners, Georgia Council for the Arts through appropriations of the Georgia General Assembly and support from its partner agency, the National Endowment for the Arts, the LUBO Fund, the EMSA Fund, The Molly Blank Fund of The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, Momar, Point Office Architecture & Design, The UltraMind, Proper Medium, GOMEZ, Urban Enterprises, and individual donors.

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