Arm Wrestling Table


tournament: 11:00

Brandon Davey

The concept of the project is tied specifically to the event. The sculpture itself is an arm wrestling table. It is a place for competition and dialogue, and after the tournament is over, it exists as relic that holds the energy of the actions that took place on it. It is a bit like walking onto an empty baseball field or stadium just after a game; the energy of the event can be felt even in its absence.

Through this project Davey seeks to challenge the idea that everything has a price. The trophies, and therefore all the feelings accompanying them, are not for sale; they must be earned. Davey also challenges the system of hierarchy he feels so deeply instituted in the art world. The wrestling table serves as a democratic medium for personal power. Each person who sits at the table is equal, no matter how prominent his/her social position.

The table will be open for challenges throughout FLUX. There will also be a one-hour tournament from which a male and female winner will emerge. Both winners will receive trophies.

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