Convergent Frequencies


friday, oct 1, 2010. performances: 10:00 / 11:00 / 12:00 / 1:00
castleberry hill art district

Matt Gilbert, Matt Haffner and Nat Slaughter

Convergent Frequencies transforms three large shipping containers using images, film, and sound. Each artist contributes uniquely to the installation.

Matt Gilbert presents his new video inspired by the modularity of the brain’s vision system and the similar separation of color and movement in digital video. It splits images and music into two parts—movement and color—investigating them as independent components, and recombining them into a new video work.

Matt Haffner creates a series of narrative portraits applied to the exteriors of the three containers. His silhouetted figures play out scenes with a background of urban iconography including bodegas, pawnshops, liquor stores, and laundromats.

Nat Slaughter, converts the interiors of the containers into a series of sound installations of binaural field recordings gathered from walks around Old Fourth Ward, Inman Park, and the spaces in-between.

Convergent Frequencies is commissioned by ArtBox, a collaboration between the galleries of i45 and Possible Futures.

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