• Visitors to Ponce City Market answering the question, "Does social media influence your political opinions," by placing their trash in the "yes" bin.

Don't Waste Your Vote


September 14 - October 4
Ponce City Market

Bouke Bruins and Daan Wuben

Don’t Waste Your Vote is created by Dutch design duo of Bouke Bruins and Daan Wuben as a way of playfully engaging citizens in social conversations and planning.  The project uses recycling bins as voting counters, and people can vote on questions by placing their waste in a bin labeled “yes” or “no.”

Don’t Waste Your Vote was first implemented as Bepaalbak (Decision Bins) during the Dutch Design Week 2018.  The project was developed by the artists in collaboration with the Province of Noord Brabant to generate engagement in the provincial elections of March 2019.

The project is hosted by Jamestown and will appear at three of the company’s Atlanta properties.  After opening at Ponce City Market in conjunction with the Atlanta Design Festival, it will travel to Buckhead Village District and Westside Provisions District.

About the Artist

Bouke Bruins and Daan Wubben are designers from the Design Academy in Eindhoven. They both graduated in 2017 Cum Laude and started their own company focused on social design. They are intrigued by information and public space. They view public space as a place to play and share. By putting installations in the public space, they gather and give information. Their installations are always made to arise social dialogs.

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