ES Paint Shed


Donate your old paint to the project!

Douglas Weathersby

September 16–20, 2010: Paint Collection
Donate your old paint to the project!

September 21–30, 2010: Abatement Project in Little Five Points
351 Moreland Avenue, NE, just south of Tijuana Garage

October 1, 2010: ES MACC Truck Travels to FLUX
Peters Street, Castleberry Hill Art District

Through the ES Paint Shed project, Douglas Weathersby will provide the functional services of dealing with unwanted paint products in an environmentally acceptable manner while creating a multimedia public art event out of the activity and material of the project. The Paint Shed will be run out of the ES MACC Truck, Mobile Art Command Center, which will arrive in Atlanta mid-September.

Environmental Services (ES) is an ongoing endeavor through which Weathersby transforms cleaning and construction projects into performance and other works of art.

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Special Thanks to Tijuana Garage and Front Page News for hosting the project.

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