FAV (flute and video)


3 Performances in July 2011
Wednesday, July 6, 9pm – Atlantic Station
Thursday, July 7, 9pm –- Decatur, Courtyard Square
Saturday, July 9, 9pm – Virginia Highlands, Parking Lot 21

Amber Boardman & Jessica Peek Sherwood

FAV is a series of visual concerts involving the animation of Amber Boardman and live solo flute performances by Sonic Generator’s Jessica Peek Sherwood. The artists aim to redefine both the traditional concert experience and public art performance by combining music, video, and electronics in unusual settings. Their cross-discipline approach to presenting the arts brings a new way of seeing and hearing music to an unsuspecting public who might not normally seek out this kind of music or experience.

Because the musical compositions for the animations were all written with a backing track to accompany the flute line, the visuals sync perfectly with the live performer, which can create an interesting interplay between live performance and pre-constructed video.

Program includes the following works:
Eve Beglarian, I will not be sad in this world
Marc Mellits, Merge Left
Gene Pritsker, Sorrow, Like Pleasure, Creates Its Own Atmosphere
Steve Reich, Vermont Counterpoint
Ronen Shai, Concerto for Piccolo and Gameboy
Jacob ter Veldhuis (aka JacobTV), Garden of Love
JacobTV, Lipstick

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