Project Description

  • Two Bandaloop dancers performing on the side of Oakland City Hall

Turning the dance floor on its side


September 30 - October 3, 2021
725 Ponce, facade of the building facing The BeltLine


Vertical Art and Activism
Panel Discussion


Directed by Melecio Estrella, BANDALOOP’s FIELD is a large scale, free, outdoor public vertical dance theater piece that deepens and challenges our perspective on the ancestry, art, and industry of  textiles.  FIELD brings together a collective of performing artists, regenerative textile artists, a sustainability strategist, and creative riggers to turn an urban wall into a performance space, interlacing ancestral weaving mythologies and traditional techniques of fabric creation with expressions of the ecological and social impacts of a globalized textile industry.

Textile culture bearer and fashion designer IB Bayo will create a couture line of costumes and large fabric set pieces for FIELD. Born in Osogbo, Osun State Nigeria, Bayo learned to weave from his mother and sew from his father who made clothing for Nigerian royalty. His family has been farming and crafting with cotton and silk since the 1500s.

As one of the largest polluting industries in the world, the human and ecological impact of clothing and fashion is easily overlooked in our modern consumer lifestyles. The stories of FIELD will illuminate this massive ecological problem, juxtaposing it with the cross cultural power of cloth to hold, comfort, adorn, and sanctify the human experience. Fabric stories will be drawn from the swaddling blanket, the altar cloth, the burial shroud, and the fishing net.

FIELD is the second work of LOOM a multi-year initiative of programming centered on the social, ecological, and spiritual impacts of fabric.

About the Artist

A pioneer in vertical performance, BANDALOOP seamlessly weaves dynamic physicality, intricate choreography, and climbing technology to turn the dance floor on its side. Founded by Amelia Rudolph, and based in Oakland, California, BANDALOOP re-imagines dance, activates public spaces, and inspires wonder and imagination in audiences around the world. The company trains dancers and youth at home and on tour, and has performed for millions of people in over 22 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Americas, and Asia.

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