Flowered Two Circles


Launching December 16, 2020

A video by In Kyoung Chun

Flowered Two Circles was originally installed in the front yard of my home in Atlanta on Mother’s Day weekend in 2020.  The work was dedicated to all mothers (and women) who were loving and hard-working for their family and community.  Also, the installation paid homage to people who have been working in front line at this unprecedented moment.  The two, yellow and pink neon circles symbolize the two different energies.  While these two energies are united, we can create a positive energy together.

This first installation was curated by Ginger Wolfe-Suarez, and the video presented here is created from my time-lapsed photo of the installation process.

Flowered Two Circles is currently on view for an exhibition ‘She Is Here’ ( curated by Kristen Cahill & Daricia Mia DeMarr) at the Atlanta Contemporary until January 2021.  Each, new flower arrangement has been conducted at the beginning of every month during the six-month-long show period.  Iterating flower arrangement expresses sustaining, circulating and celebrating our life even in these difficult moments.

About the Artist

Born in Seoul, South Korea, In Kyoung Chun received the Emerging Artist Award 2012-2013 by the City of Atlanta Mayors Office of Cultural Affairs.  Chun has participated in exhibitions including High Museum of Art of Atlanta, Athens Institute of Contemporary Art of Georgia, Museum of Contemporary Art Georgia, Poem 88 gallery, Hathaway Contemporary, Mint Gallery, Gallery 72 of Atlanta Mayors Office of Cultural Affairs, Aqua Miami Art Fair, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Albany Museum of Fine Art of Georgia and 1780 Gallery, Virginia Museum of Fine Art of Richmond.

In the spring of 2020, Chun joined the Atlanta Contemporary Studio program and had her two-person show at Project:ARTspace in New York City.  Over last Mother’s Day weekend in May, Chun installed the Flowered Two Circles in front yard of her house for dedicating to the front-line-workers at the hospital and mothers/women who are hard-working for their family and community.  She currently  participates in the following exhibitions; She Is Here at Atlanta Contemporary, In Search For Home at Dalton gallery of Agnes Scott College, Light Up Midtown in Columbus, Georgia and Little Things at Swan Coach House gallery.  Chun plans for a solo show at Blue Heron Nature Preserve of Atlanta and will participate in the exhibition Living Room at Stove Works in Tennessee in 2021.

Chun’s work has been included to its permanent collection of High Museum of Art, the City of Atlanta Mayors Office of Cultural Affairs and Fulton County Public Library of Atlanta.

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