However you do it... consider the stars


Saturday, October 5, 7 pm to midnight
Castleberry Hill Arts District, Atlanta

Sophie Farewell collective

Artist collective Sophie Farewell (Shawn Dicey, Eric Moschopedis, Mia Rushton, and Heather Kai Smith) brings together elements of craft, performance, and civic participation to create a durational performance and interactive installation.

A project in art and social engagement, However you do it…consider the stars is composed of two disguised scissor-lifts, each wrapped in a forty foot handmade quilt and topped with a stage set resembling either the “moon” or the “mountain.” The Moon and The Mountain function as elevated platforms for live performances by trained actors in the guise of “town criers” who call out short scripts generated by the crowd below. By anonymously text messaging or handwriting a note to the town criers, participants of However you do it…consider the stars create the opportunity to have their social, political and/or personal messages hollered into the night air and to the assemblage of individuals on the street. However you do it… consider the stars seeks to create new social relationships by antagonizing civic discourse.

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