friday, sept 30, 2011. 8pm - 12am
castleberry hill art district

Tristan Al-Haddad

The Hypostyle hall as an ancient spatial typology blurs the bounds between solid and void, between figure and ground. This spatial typology found in the ancient world of both the occident and orient is fundamentally decadent, luxurious, hedonistic; exhibiting an exuberance of material and form at the service of phenomenal experience and perceptive pleasures. The Hypostyle installation plays off the historical typology creating an immersive environment of light, body, and matter. The piece is composed of 16 unique translucent columns lit from within. The geometry of each column is produced from a single conic morphology used to generate 32 elliptical sections hung in space. Thus producing difference from sameness as an anthropomorphic analog to the bodies that occupy the space created by the columnar configuration.

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