I Go Humble...


March 21, 2011 9 am – 6 pm
DAEL windows at Edgewood Avenue & Park Place

Stefani Byrd + Wes Eastin

This interactive video installation will use humor to address the serious subject of street harassment. Live on-screen heads—two women and two gay men—will observe the passing crowd and catcall the men, thus reversing the typically male behavior.

Stefani Byrd and Wes Eastin work together on interactive, outdoor public art installations. Their current work focuses on “empathy training,” where audiences are put on the receiving end of playfully staged inappropriate behavior such as teasing and cat calling. The seriousness of the subject matter is masked by the humor that the situation is intended to create.


This project hosted and supported by D.A.E.L. (Digital Arts Entertainment Lab) at Georgia State University.

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