Saturday,November 7, 7 pm to midnight
Old 4th Ward, Atlanta


“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” — MLK, Jr.

This is public art at its best: a site-specific concept, dreamed into by a world-class contemporary artist, inspired by the words of one of history’s most important leaders, a creative collaboration, the ultimate realization of which, happens only with the participation of the audience, live, on-site, and in the moment!

Come, sing with us!  Jeryl Bright has written a new song, also named, “Bending the Arc” especially for this event, and at midnight he will give the world premiere performance with rapper, RDK, accompanied by the GA Tech Chamber Choir and the voices of the Flux Night audience recorded thoughout the night and rearranged by “Granular Sampler,” new audio software also created especially for this event by Jason Freeman, Anna Xambó & Gerard Roma.  It’s going to be awesome, Atlanta.  Don’t miss out!

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