June 1–9, 2019, in conjunction with the Atlanta Design Festival
Midtown and West End MARTA Stations


June 4, Midtown
Meet the Artists
June 5, West End
Meet the Artists
June 6, Midtown
Meet the Artists

A Collaboration with MARTA and the Atlanta Design Festival

“We want to create a dialogue between travelers by giving an analog canvas where travelers can share their thoughts, show their passion for language, explain their daily habits or express compassion for global challenges.”

RailtalkATL provides a fun way to share analog messages with friends and fellow travelers as you ride MARTA.  The project aims to create unexpected interactions between travelers and provide entertainment as people wait for trains and buses.

To participate, visit the Midtown or West End MARTA Stations during the Atlanta Design Festival.  You will find countless magnetic letters which you can use freely to form texts in a secretive or emphatic manner. Flirt a little, bring a current topic to people’s attention, or display your talents.  Spell an affectionate word, food for thought, or a poetic sentence for your fellow passengers.  All you have to do is place the letters in proper order on a metal surface where they can be seen.

About the Artist

Dutch design collaborators Bouke Bruins and Wouter Corvers are an energetic maker combination. While Bruins focusses with his Boyscout Designer mentality on creating dialogue trough playful interventions, Corvers has his focus on the accessibility for all. Both having their independent studio, collaborating to push and find bigger challenges in public space.


Presented in collaboration with MARTA’s Artbound public art program and the Atlanta Design Festival

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