friday, sept 30, 2011. 8pm - 12am
    castleberry hill art district

    Katy Malone & Claire Paul

    Spaces retain the vibrations of the past and “Resonance” will explore the residue left behind. For the installation Malone and Paul researched the history of site. Upon discovering that the Castleberry Hills was once an important settlement for the early Cherokees, they then explored Cherokee rituals related to burial and digging. Based on what was uncovered they developed a piece that will literally expose the layers beneath Castleberry Hills. A dugout form in the earth will glow, not only emanating the past through its referential shape, but also emitting out a low light—as if coming up from the core. The resulting piece will delve into the geographic, historic, and metaphysic remnants of Castleberry Hill’s history.

    For the sound component of the installation, they purchased a 5 hole river cane flute from a Cartersville flute maker Carl Etheridge who had been taught by local Cherokee the traditional method of harvesting river cane and creating an authentic river flute sound. Claire will go to the site and record an improvised sound performance based on the energy of the site where the installation takes place. This method was suggested by Gary Greene, a local Cherokee storyteller and historian who was consulted on the alternative history of the area of Castleberry Hill.

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