April 29, 2020

A dance work by Komansé Dance Theater

There is something extremely powerful to see yourself presented in artistic media. We strive to achieve this by creating work that speaks to audiences beyond the color of the dancers’ skin, but that taps into the universal innate human experience. By doing so, we hope to give the audience the space to recognize the humanity that is within all of us, and thereby acknowledge and celebrate our differences, rather than try to diminish and silence them.

As a Black woman, living in a country that often wants to quiet my voice, I feel it is my duty to continue to create art that highlights the stories of the silenced.

About the Artist

Raianna Brown – Choreographer

Raianna Brown, 2018 BSIE alumna, exhibits the dynamism of the modern young professional through her multidisciplinary work. While at GT, Raianna studied dance through dual-enrollment at Emory University. She served in many leadership positions which prepared her for her first major career undertaking. While still in undergrad, she founded Komansé Dance Theater. Komansé’s sold-out shows integrated technology and the arts in partnership with the GT Industrial Design School (projection mapping) and GT Invention Studio (3D printed costumes). The shows centered on the narratives of marginalized people, using technology to amplify the performance. The most recent production was created in partnership with Covenant House, a homeless shelter servicing at-risk youth. Raianna’s other accomplishments in the world of dance include choreographing commissioned pieces for the NAACP, the Atlanta Mayor’s Office, Grammy-nominated artists, and international dance companies, and dancing alongside Shakira and Jennifer Lopez in Super Bowl LIV. Outside of dance, Raianna has taken her industrial engineering knowledge into the field of software development, serving as the lead software developer for Lean consulting firm CMB Global Partners.

Raianna has been featured in Teen Vogue, Elle, The Cut and has been interviewed on NPR about her work combining social activism, engineering, and the arts. She seeks to create work, in both the arts and engineering, that uplifts and empowers her community.

Ta Nycia Wooden – Director (Creative Direction)

Ta Nycia “Tay” Wooden is a multi-faceted creative based in Atlanta, Ga. Her artistic pursuits include conceptual and portrait photography, retouching, creative consulting, production design and management, film direction, and creative direction. She creates media that aims to engage the thought and emotions of its audience.

She works with Komansé Dance Theater as the Internal Affairs Director and has done creative consulting for its shows that have touched audiences of 1000+. She has been featured in the Georgia Tech Art Crawl and has been commissioned by Atlanta public art groups to create work. Her work as a production assistant on the short film “Lil Gardener” directed by Kamryn Harris helped the project to win Best Experimental Film at the Oregon Film Festival. A woman of many talents, Ta Nycia is a 2018 graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology. She is a self-taught JavaScript developer and has worked in marketing with an emphasis on social media engagement, graphic design, and SEO analytics.

Ta Nycia Wooden truly is the renaissance woman, and she plans to use her creative endeavors to uplift, inspire, and empower the black community.

Kamryn Harris – Videographer

Kamryn Harris is a director and cinematographer from Atlanta, GA. She is a recent graduate from the Georgia Institute of Technology with her Masters in Digital Media, and currently lives in San Jose, CA. Kamryn works full time as a Software Engineer at Apple and is also the founder of Ryn Productions LLC., a digital media agency specializing in design and film. Kamryn has been creating short films since she was in middle school, but recently began directing music videos for new artists across America. Her directorial debut music film entitled ‘Lil Gardener’ has been awarded in both the Oregon Short Film Festival and the California Music Video and Film Awards. Kamryn continues to find inspiration in music and film and is excited to build her portfolio as a director and cinematographer.,

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