Rhythm of a Virus


April 22, 2020

An animated data visualization by MEPTIK

Our hope with this piece is to encourage the community on both local and global levels to stay home and flatten the curve of COVID-19. Every design seen in this piece is driven by data, in real time, to bring a visual awareness to the devastating impact of this virus. It’s challenging to remain creative during this uncertain time, but creating art that has an overarching message for the good of the community is important to us. To do this, we’ve stuck to the tried and true tools we used for concert visuals and live experiences alike.

About the Artist

MEPTIK, an experiential design studio in the heart of Atlanta, creates experiences that drive human connection. MEPTIK was founded by chief technologist, Nick Rivero, and creative director, Sarah Linebaugh. Combined, Rivero and Linebaugh have over fifteen years of live event and motion design experience. MEPTIK has since grown into a team of experienced designers, pioneering content creation and live event production in the Southeast.

Some of MEPTIK’s recent works include real-time, interactive content sponsored by Pepsi Co., AT&T, MTV, and Amazon.

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