Sabotage and Hello Hero, Hero Hello


friday, oct 1, 2010. 8pm - 2am
castleberry hill art district

Sabotage consists of three interactive sculptural pieces intended for public use. The individual sculptures are, in effect, “tickle machines.” The tickle machine places the participants’ hands in each other’s armpits, perfectly in position for tickling. The concept of this exchange involves a psychological interaction – to tickle or be tickled. The act of tickling exerts a certain amount of control over the ticklee. This incites uncontrollable laughter and movement, a somewhat dialectical experience of pleasure and pain. The act of being tickled is extremely vulnerable and uncomfortable, but also irresistible. It can elicit a psychological dialogue between friends and strangers. The sound of maniacal laughter is amplified onto the sidewalks outside inviting curiosity and intrigue.

Hello Hero, Hero Hello is an installation of a machine that invites participants to force a smile on themselves. The participant places the two bulbous ends of the sculpture at each corner of the mouth and gently pushes their face closer as they gaze into the mirror in front of them. The contorted smile is simultaneously humorous and disturbing and exposes our tendencies to cover up our inner feelings.

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