Small Meteorites


saturday, october 6, 8 pm to midnight
castleberry hill art district

David Yu

This project is a full sensory video installation letting viewers witness random narratives of passing motorists. The work is projected on the inside windows of a row of vehicles in the middle of a road. Each car contains its own narrative and is completely unaware of the other vehicles on the road. The climax of the installation is a virtual car crash where each narrative is suddenly catapulted into each other’s existence and awareness.

Viewers are invited to walk around the vehicles and absorb the narratives. Inspired by Brechtian theatre, the audience will be very aware of their spectatorship. The main focus of this installation is the idea of a routine everyday insular outlook of contemporary life that suddenly becomes significant, important, and revitalized through an act of randomness (colliding into one another). Small Meteorites is an interactive installation, a movie/ play, a spectacle of the everyday.

Artist Assistant/Assistant Director:
Elly Green

Production: 3Pint Production:
Peter Fovonic
Steven Turney
Jonny Sideroff
Pablo Ricardo


Car 1
Candy Pryce
Larry Harris

Car 2
Shariq Salam
John de Guzman

Car 3
Harmonie Tower

Car 4
Claudene Neysmith
Felicia Simone
Samantha Liana

Car 5
Michael Davies
Support – Candy Pryce
Support- Larry Harris

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