The Fool


    friday, sept 30, 2011. 8pm - 12am
    castleberry hill art district


    The Fool is an interactive, movement-based piece created by the members of Dodekapus with the support of Atlanta’s artistic community. Using the idea of the tarot as a guide for symbolism and universal chance procedures, Dodekapus interprets these energies as contemporary trends between artist and audience. A spectator will draw three cards, each card initiates a ‘presentation’ of some sort and sparks mini performances relative to each card and its meaning. The audience member may draw meaning from their personal life into the ideas displayed by the tarot, but the performance itself is for the eye of the whole. The Fool, at its core, is a comment on the way an audience’s moods (preferences/ energy/ values) affect a performance, an idea, a community, or even an artistic movement.

    These events happen in 10 minute intervals at the top of the hour.

    Also that evening, Dodekapus will lead a traveling caravan throughout FLUX to enliven the neighborhood and promote the evening’s shows. This will be steered and shared by a group of volunteers who are artists, singers, dancers, motivators, enthusiasts, and lively beings.

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