Visual Concerts


performances: 9:00 / 10:00 / 11:00 / 12:00

Amber Boardman

Prelude is an immersive three-channel installation flooding the viewer with animated water and the music of Richard Wagner’s Das Rheingold (1854). It is about the feeling of being overwhelmed. It begins dark, formless, and quiet and escalates in rhythm and intensity until at some point (and perhaps this escapes your notice) it begins to ebb back to darkness and silence.

The Garden of Love exists in several forms that stem from a William Blake poem of the same title. It is about the suppression of love, sex, and joy as a result of an increasingly powerful church. Dutch composer JacobTV, who uses recorded speech in his compositions, adapted a reading of the poem into a composition for flute and electronics. The work visually represents the awkwardness, oddness, and frustration heard in the music and poem.

Sorrow, Like Pleasure, Creates its Own Atmosphere is a fantasy world where music creates a tangible environment for the performer and listener. The music, by American composer Gene Pritsker, was written for flute and electronics.

Performances by flutist Jessica Peek Sherwood.

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