Zoo Atlanta


friday, sept 30, 2011. 8pm - 12am
castleberry hill art district


Exploring the jangles of Castleberry Hill, we were drawn to the fenced-off lots that diluted Atlanta’s connective tissue. We found holes, gaps in the city. There were vacant fields animated by strange new citizens. An old horse, tied to the trailer of a neglected truck, stared at us through the fence. There was a rooster too. They knew where they were, probably better than us.

We propose the transformation of these sites into embodiments of urban mythologies, bringing the unused sites into dialogue with the neighborhood and recognizing what may not be, but could: the neighborhood as the zoo, populated by unimaginable creatures in the captivity of vacant lots.

gray_matter(s) is a student initiated organization within the Georgia Tech’s College of Architecture. It is a forum for experimentation, a design collective of student artists and designers.

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