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On Sunday, October 2, from 2:00 – 4:00 PM, artist Rachel Parish will be on site to greet audience members and answer questions at Georgia Plaza Park, one of four downtown locations for her work Emergence.

With this work, Parish will present a series of temporary, interconnected monuments to the four spring heads that lie directly beneath Downtown Atlanta and feed the region’s vital, life-sustaining rivers and creeks. By illuminating the “birthplaces” of Atlanta’s waterways, Emergence will offer the public the opportunity to collectively consider the power of the natural ecology upon which Atlanta has been built and the continued presence of the life-springs that support the land upon which the city’s residents live their lives. The project will feature sound installations, performances, and projections.

This event is presented in association with Atlanta Art Week.

Emergence is presented in conjunction with the City of Atlanta’s annual ELEVATE festival and supported in part by the City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs.

Photo: Julie Yarbrough Photography

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