2022 - 2025
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A multi-project series exploring our relationship with water

FLOW is a multi-year series designed to explore Atlanta’s history with water, how it has shaped our city and the potential it holds for our future.  FLOW will engage issues of conservation, equity, and urban design through installations and performances.  Projects will be placed along creeks and watersheds, over buried waterways, and at other sites reconnecting us with nature and each other.

FLOW was launched in the fall of 2022 with Rachel Parish’s Emergence which built monuments to four springheads that are buried beneath downtown Atlanta, and continued in 2023 with Ghost Pools, a multi-media installation by Hannah Palmer exploring our history with public swimming.  Upcoming projects include:

  • Our mothers, our water, our peace, a participatory installation by Gyun Hur exploring grief and healing in Atlanta Asian communities by reflecting on their collective trauma experienced as immigrants
  • Rachel Parish and Sarah Cameron Sunde’s Atlanta to the Atlantic which seeks to raise public awareness about the South River and the impact Atlanta neighborhoods have on the quality of water downstream
  • Braiding Time, Memory and Water, by Sue Schroeder, a performative collaboration with Keats’s The Erosion of Time
  • Jonathon Keats’s Atlanta River Time unfolding as a series of installations (including The Erosion of Time) and events encouraging audiences to establish a rhythm, individually and collectively, of coming back to the water


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