PA Takeover


Sept 26–29, 2019
Ponce City Market, Atlanta
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Ben Coleman

During the four days of FLUX, curator and artist Ben Coleman will be taking control of Ponce City Market’s PA system – creating unexpected points of departure from the typical shopper listening experience. Sounds from within the depths of the building that typically go unheard may occasionally come to the foreground, jostling with noises from the world outside that will have the chance to slip through the cracks for a weekend. As retail sound moves from the background to the foreground, extraordinary noises will catch the ears of visitors, prompting curiosity and surprise.

About the Artist

Ben Coleman is a British multi-disciplinary artist and curator. His practice encompasses performance, sonic art, music, and mixed-media installation projects. Coleman received a BA in Contemporary Performance Making from Brunel University, London, and earned a Certification in Music Recording & Audio Production at Recording Workshop, Ohio. Cross disciplinary collaboration is critical to his current practice, which encompasses work with choreographers, visual artists, and theater practitioners. His work has been presented by a variety of cultural organizations including the High Museum of Art, Alliance Theatre, Zuckerman Museum of Art, Gibney Dance, Dashboard, Georgia Institute of Technology, Tanz Farm, the Object Group, Seven Stages, and Emory Dance.


The following individuals contributed ideas for sounds to be included in the soundscape by responding to calls for sounds that are meaningful to them:  Andrew Alexander, Andrew Allen, John Ashe, Candace B, Pattie Baker, Terence Barnes, Michelle Barone, Elena Best, Denise Buginiccha, Cynthia Camp, Nicole Cromartie, Cate Crutcher, Dance Truck, Anne Archer Dennington, Anne Dennington, Jane Foley, Bana Haffar, Grady Harris, Karima Harrison, Dana Haugaard, Terry Kearns, Bob Klicker, Jake Krakovski, Hernan La Grech, Lillian Lai, Laura, Molly MacLaren, Elvira Mannelly, Riley McBride, Corey McIntosh, Sebastian O, Kari O’Hara, Stewart Oliver, Deantoni Parks, Melanie Perry, Nia Porter, Gabriel Proctor, Donald Rae, Sonia Rae, AC Stampley, Katherine Stringer, Heather Tuggle, Mark Wentzel, Nick Wilding, Cathy Wise, Melissa Word.

FLUX: Ponce City Market
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